UZIMA HEALTH- Transfroming healthcare ACCESS IN AFRICA

Accurate data collected and produced by health information systems are critical to strengthening health institutions. Access precise information and generate data-driven insights that facilitate better healthcare decisions, create smart policies and produce impactful discoveries

Driving Healthcare For All

We envision to make preventive, curative and quality healthcare services available to all in the timeliest fashion and at the lowest possible cost through utilization of technology.

Uzima Health is an AI solution that helps patients and medical professionals in assisted diagnosis and mapping of patients to healthcare facilities. A patient simply dials, sms’s the Uzima short-code or accesses via mobile App. The patient is prompted to describe their symptoms in a language of their selection via any of the three channels: Call, Sms or Mobile App. The patient can also choose the symptoms from a predefined list.
Uzima attempts to map a patient to a nearby front-line health worker (Community Health Worker), specialist or medical facility based on their symptoms, locality and services required. A patient can as well enter their symptoms in their native language and using Ma-chine Learning, Uzima is able to translate the patient’s symptoms into English and from this translation Uzima is able to perform a look-up on the possible medical condition a patient is suffering from and link the patient to the appropriate healthcare specialist.
Healthcare specialists receive requests from Uzima either via Sms, Mobile App or the Ecare Africa HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) which has a module for Uzima Health patients. In remote areas with limited medical facilities, Uzima links patients with registered community health workers nearest them who guide and provide them with preliminary care as they wait to be taken to a medical facility.