Our EMR/HMIS enables facilities to :

Why Ecare Africa is the Best for your Facility.

Simple & Smart Encounter Forms

All of your clinical forms customized in a way that best suits your flow, so you can focus on your patients, not paperwork. We align to your work flow and not the other way round.

e-Lab & Radiology

Submit lab and imaging orders and receive results directly into your patient’s chart. Our Lab information System(LIS) and Radiology Information System(RIS) handle requests and results effectively and link them to the patient chart. 

Patient Portal

Give your patients access to view their medical records via our Uzima Health App. Patients can also book appointments, view appointments as well as other functions such as vaccination schedules.

Drug Formularies & Management

Import/upload drugs and formularies to the system. Allows classification of drugs and flagging of  medicines based on diagnosis.


Generate birth and death certificates


Schedule and manage procedures from start to end.

Vaccine Management

Effectively communicate vaccination schedules to patients and staff, and monitor stock.

Referral Management

Send referrals directly from your charting workflow. 

DICOM Viewer

View DICOM files directly in the Ecare HMIS/EMR. All radiology images can be directly viewed from the Ecare Africa HMIS. 

HL7 & ASTM standards compliant.

Ecare is entirely based on international norms and standards and relies on internationally accepted guidelines and practices & is HL7 compliant.

ICD-10 Ready

Automatically code all diagnoses in alignment with global healthcare standards.

Specialty Modules

Run multiple specialities like IVF, ARV, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy and Orthopedics. The system is designed to work smoothly for these independent specialty clinics. It well suited to serve doctors’ plazas and franchise clinics.

Clinical Tasks

Maintain transparency and clarity by guiding staff through clinical responsibilities

Patient Tags

Use tags to categorize patients into common groups.

Bed Management

Receive real-time updates about bed space availability and plan for their expedient use. Easily manage bed assignments, transfers and discharges.

Treatment Plan

Create and share treatment plans with all staff on each patient’s care team.

Health Information Exchange 

Securely receive and share patient information from facilities across the Ecare Africa network.

Telemedicine & eVisits

Have access to free virtual consultations with patients via video call, voice call or text.

Scheduling, Appointments & Notification

Send SMS and email to your clients from the system. Remind your patient of upcoming

Revenue Cycle Management

Easily perform financial tasks such as collecting patient copays, as determining patient eligibility, coding  and vetting claims for optimal payment, and tracking claims and payments.


Accounting Software Integration

Our Ecare Africa  EHR can integrate with accounting software like Sage and Quickbooks.

Mpesa Integration & Other payments channel integration

System supports cashless payments through integration of payment channels such as  Mpesa, PDQ etc. Take your practice cashless and minimize losses.


Tariff & Scheme Management

Organize tariffs for different schemes and policies, and apply them right at the beginning of a patient’s visit.


Multi-Channel Payments Processing

Give your patients multiple ways to settle their bills. These channels  are automatically integrated with our system to drive a cashless system.


Integration with Claims processing third party Systems

Provides integration with claims management gateways such as Slade 360, Smart, Mtiba  among other platforms.


  • Stocks levels management.

Stock ordering and re-ordering.

External Receiving & Ordering.

Product Pricing.

Suppliers Management.

Stock Prices – buying and resale prices.

Quotations listing & Purchase orders.

Outstanding  orders –  undelivered goods.

List of Suppliers & List of stock items.

Daily/Monthly purchases.

Automated notification on stock levels.


  • Stock level reports.
  • Revenue report.
  • Stock adjustment report.


Process and workflow automation

Simply transfer patient files and other relevant information  securely across departments as necessary.



Staff Profiles & Access Control

Ensure the utmost patient and practice privacy by setting and customizing platform access according to roles.


Audit Trail

Examine the activities of users, system access and track additions to patient files.


In-app Chat

Communicate privately with users or groups of users.


Multi-Location Support

Centrally manage all your health facility locations. The system is capable of managing  franchise clinics, doctors plaza and branch based establishments.


Queue Management

Set rules for patient queue management, and add queue management displays in waiting areas.


Warehouse Management

Control stock and manage all inventory procurement and requisitions.


Advanced Analytics & trends View

We understand your practice is a business. Receive data and insights about your facility’s clinical, operational and financial performance.


Appointment Management

Review physician availability, schedule appointments, and block off dates as required

Patient SMS/Email Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve patient punctuality by sending SMS/email reminders.




Generate a wide range  of reports and filter reporting data by payer category, age, gender and custom filters.


Medical Reports

Request and manage medical reports.


Non-Drug Consumables

Request and manage all non-drug consumables.



Complete Patient Profile

Capture patient personal and demographic information.


99.99% uptime

We understand that reliability is critical to your business. You never shut down, neither do we. You can count on our technology whenever you need it.

Account security

Access to your Helium EHR account is defined by strict user access levels so you can be assured that information won’t fall into the wrong hands


All communication between you and the Ecare servers is secured with SSL AES 256-bit encryption. This is the highest level of encryption currently available commercially

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